Milan Motorcycle Mayhem

I took a jaunt to Milan for the EICMA motorcycle show. I attended as an international business entity (thanks to my Little,Big Racing LLC) so that I could avoid the crush. The first two days of the show are for press, international business reps and industry meetings. My friend Gabriele would be there only those two days so I had to go early.  Gabri is a mechanic for the Caffe Latte Aprila 250 GP team (though now he isn’t sure if he has a job since all the 250 teams went to one rider.)

My friend Arun from MotoCorsa was there so I looked him up. He was hanging with other Ducati types and looking for his new ride.



Testing out the new ride for two-up potential

A motorcycle show is generally a motorcycle show, though this is the biggest in the world so there were a few small models and brands that we would never see at a show in the US.


Carbon frame and swingarm



It comes in black too...

It comes in black too…

...with carbon swingarm...

…with carbon swingarm…

...and frame.

…and frame.


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