A cool visit to Granollers (moto heavy content)

I went to visit Anscari Nadal, who runs a suspension company and tuning shop just outside of Barcelona. He also runs a 125 GP team, has raced motocross, races rally cars, builds bikes, and every thing else related with motor racing. He has some great ideas he might put into place for starting an inexpensive 125GP cup race series, so that money alone doesn’t determine who can and cannot go racing, as is the case more and more here in Spain.

As is fairly typical over here, he comes from a generation of racers. Check out dad back in the day:


His shop is in a small part of his family’s Ford garage that his grandfather started. Anscari tunes suspension for the Cataluyan GP, the Spanish championship, the Dakkar rally, the Redbull Rookies cup, privateer 125 GP teams, national rally car races, and more. Tiny as it was, it was still impressive.


Nadaltech workshop


Suspension workshop

He had just received a shipment of shocks for a Dakkar rally car. Each wheel has two shocks.


He also had just received a trick Sachs Ferrari shock. He was like a kid at Xmas unwrapping this thing to show me.

cimg1795This style of shock is similar to what most Moto GP teams use, with a small nitrogen reservoir as part of the shock instead of external. Thing was kind of awesome to behold.


His rally car was tucked away in a corner of the Ford repair shop:


As was this Ford bicycle…


Aaaand just a ton of other cool stuff in the shop.

We sat down and went through his books of business cards. He gave me pages of good contacts for all kinds of international racing. I now have two full pages of contacts to email or call, and then possibly go visit, so it was a tremendously helpful visit.  The meeting was also interesting because his family is so closely tied with the town and it’s history. The cafe we went to for coffee has photos from the 1950s with his father in them, and even older photos with his grandfather in them.

Of course, everyone in the town speaks Catalan first and Castillion (Spanish) second, so I couldn’t understand anyone outside of our own conversation. I also was at the receiving end of quite a few stares walking into the shop and a few moto parts dealers we visited. It isn’t exactly a tourist area. By way of explanation he told them I am a former American roadracer, and knowing the Nadal business and history, that was a perfectly reasonable answer and no more explanation was needed.


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