Before I continue with the long overdue Jerez report, can I just tell you, internet, that I will be heading to Californa for the Christian ripoff of the Pagan Yule holiday, otherwise know as Christmas or as I lovingly refer to it, Xmas.

I’ll go to my dads house first in Simi valley. There I will drink of the Fresca and eateth of cottage cheese because, internet, I miss these things more than you could have possibly predicted. And I will eat and drink in the company of both my dogs. And then I will go to San Diego with said dogs in tow, and crawl under my house and situate the sump pump, since it evidently has been raining in Southern California, which, aside from people driving with one foot firmly on the brake, it   means my house is sitting in a small pond which must be drained out from under it. And that, internet, is why they don’t make homes with crawlspaces anymore.


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