That’s it, I’m buying a moto

I cant stand it anymore. It may be forever before I get involved in motorcycles out here – thanks Kawasaki for pulling the plug on your MotoGP team, thanks MotoGP for cutting the 250 classes in half, thanks KTM for pulling out of 250…ya’ll just limited my job opportunities and that was really callous and thoughtless of you.

In the meantime, one of my new years resolutions is to generally “have more fun”.  This does not mean drinking more. You may have noticed I do not have problems attending drinking establishments or parties where alcohol is served. Operationally defined having more fun means: finding more Italian men to cook for me, taking more weekend trips outside of Barcelona, *and* actually riding motorcycles again, which necessitates buying one.

Here is the bike I will likely buy:  RS125 Honda. 2 stroke street bike…small enough to be scooter-like and efficient, though just enough (?) motor to ride it around the mountains here.


I figure this way, I can meet some people with real motos that I can borrow for track days…after all I live a half hour from an amazing race track.

That said, this is the bike I REALLY want:


It´s more than twice the price of the Honda. It is killing me to see that thing in the shop windows  ’cause I WANT.  It’s like Aprilia looked into my soul and made me the perfect bike. Serve this up with some cake and Hendricks gin and you have got yourself a party to end all parties as far as I am concerned.

UPDATE:  The Honda is a 4 stroke!! 2 strokes over 50 (80?) cc are outlawed here in Spain now.  So forget it! I’m having the Aprilia. With a Hendricks gin martini on the rocks with cucumber slices swimming in the mix.


3 thoughts on “That’s it, I’m buying a moto

  1. I’ve uncrated and sat on a few of the Aprilias.(I like the white ones) They are made in 3 different flavors, so opt for the high output model. They are beautiful, so enjoy big time.

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