And on this day, I went to Supermoto heaven

In case you were wondering why I did not go snowboarding this weekend with 14 other people, as originally planned (plans were made nearly a month ago), I will tell you.

Around 4  hours before we were due to leave Friday afternoon, I get an email from my friend Gerard inviting me to ride supermoto at a nearby track on Sunday. Gerard has been a camera technician for Dorna/MotoGP for a few years now and is friends with a lot of the team mechanics,  so he was going to meet a couple guys from the MotoGP LCR Honda team out there there too.  Is that a good enough reason to bail on my snowboard trip? Do you think I hesitated?

The track was Castelloli, in the mountains about 30 minutes outside of Barcelona. This place….it’s like a paradise. Can I just show you some photos?


Supermoto track



Roadrace track surrounding supermoto track (can you see the bridge?)

And this is why I can’t make plans.

More to come……

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