Scootering cures the blues

You’ll notice the title of this post includes the short phrase: Day 1. This is because scootering around Barcelona was so chock full of awesome that there will be a weeks worth at the very least.  I think I found the cheapest scooter rental in all of BCN. Not only that, but the name of the place is Mattias46. 46 as in Valentino Rossi 46. The Italian owner guy is a huge Rossi fan. So it helped that Susanna showed up with her Rossi face helmet, unavailable in Spain (look closely at photo below).


Halfway up Mt. Tibidabo.

The first task on order was a trip up Tibidabo. I look at this mountain everyday and have been up it twice – its a fun road up to a 2/3 point where you can then ascend by hiking, mountain biking or for you lazy people, a funicular railway.  I die for two wheels everytime I look at it. It is totally impractical to even get there without a vehicle, or at the very least, a bicycle. So this became totally accessible in minutes with a scooter.

Sure, the scooters were cheap Chinese pieces of crap. All the more reason to take them off roading, which I did. (Sadly no photos of this exist but I will work on that.)



Great views and fun roads.


Traffic rules are pretty lax, scooters go anywhere, park anywhere, and get you there quicker than a car here. I realized pretty quickly that my world just opened up with a scooter. (For example, going shopping requires me to be able to carry everything I buy using a backpack and my hands, and be able to walk comfortably with all of it. OMG now I can go to the giant Carrerfour and buy all manner of crap I don’t need! And not have to plan my day around it! )

Next stop was my friend Luca’s place. We popped in for a visit and Luca finally met Susanna, and we met his mother who was visiting from Italy. And she fed us cake! So that was totally worth it. (Usually to get to his place from mine would take 40 minutes between walking and taking the Metro. Now I can drop in uninvited on anyone!)

I am planning my further adventures this week. For one, I think I will ride to the nearby beach town of Sitges, where my old boss lives. By scooter should take about an hour along the coast. Then, maybe I’ll go to Dorna offices to which are just outside of the city center, arrive unannounced and demand lunch from my friends.

I am undecided as of yet where else to go. Suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Scootering cures the blues

  1. Don’t go too far from home in case it breaks down on you, you know… unless you’re at the top of a hill that is. 😉 Can’t say where to go, but I’ll certainly be enjoying things through your virtual eyes here. Carry on!

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