Dear Spain: We need to have “the talk”

Hey Spain, can we talk?

We just passed the 5 month mark, and I think we are getting to know each other pretty well, you and I.  I feel like we tolerate each others quirks and can appreciate our good qualities. And I really appreciate the slack you cut me in the airport travel department, for example, the full bottles of water, lighters, screwdrivers and pocket knives that you have let go through security in my carry on. All those things come in very handy and when I only have a carry on, well, there is no where else to put them, so thanks for turning a blind eye every time. Oh, and its nice that no one ever looks at my passport when I enter the country. Though the last time I returned from Italy, no one was even in the booth for non EU citizens, and that meant no line, which was excellent as I wanted to get home quickly.

But listen. I don’t want to push or anything, but I really have to know if this is going anywhere. I mean, I never expected it to get this far when we started out. But I have gotten to know so much about you and, well, the more I get to know you the more I like you. So I have to know if you want me to stay,  because sometimes I get the feeling that you don’t. You know, like the fact that I haven’t had any overhead lights in my flat, and none at all in my bathroom, for almost a week now. I know, I know, not a huge deal in the scheme of things, but OK what about your weather? I mean, it was Spring for two weeks and now what the hell? It was freezing today! And don’t even get me started on all these amazing racetracks that I can’t even ride. Well I can’t because I don’t have a bike because I don’t have a job. Which brings me to the point that you really need to get moving on helping me find a job, because, frankly, my eye is wandering. Oh yeah, it is. I’m no going to lie. I’ve been talking to Italy, did you know that? And you know how charming and good looking he is.

OK, now I’m not saying I want to stop what we have going on or anything, but seriously, you need to get your act together, because I cant stand this limbo much longer.  There, I said it.  Now come on, let’s hug it out.

PS:  By the way, your little friend Catalunya isn’t helping. That the whole two languages to learn thing?  That’s just bullshit.


7 thoughts on “Dear Spain: We need to have “the talk”

  1. hahahahahahahaha!!!!! Awesome!!! You tell him what’s up! Yeah, and when we party with Ben Spies weekend after next in Valencia (outside of Catalunya!) who knows what might happen. Italy is looking better all the time…

  2. I think it´s just a question of time… believe me, it´s not the place, Barcelona & Catalunya are the best places to live in… maybe “Luck” will find you next days.

    Let Catalunya love you and… you´ll see.

  3. Barcelona is beautiful, but there’s nothing that says you can’t go back if you want to try something else out. And I must say, your get-out-n-go attitude is an inspiration. I’m taking Spanish classes in hopes of teaching English in Central or South America soon … or maybe Spain 🙂

  4. From a cultural standpoint, Spain is one of the most diverse countries in Europe. Most people don’t realize there are 17 autonomous regions and four official languages. Because of years of invasion from outside forces, citizens tended to live close together in tight communities to protect themselves and each other,and to this day you can still see this in the culture. They don’t trust outsiders. Most business in Spain is done after many longggg dinners where trust can be established. The family unit and long-term relationships are the most important things to them. The upside is, once you win ’em over, you have an intensely loyal friend for life!

    Under General Franco, all languages except Castillian Spanish were forbidden (as well as regional cultural expression)! After his death in 1975, there was a huge cultural revolution, and they are intensely proud of their regional languages, culture and heritage because of it being repressed for so long. In fact many Spaniards identify much more strongly with their region rather than their Country. This is most prevalent in the Basque region (as you see with ETA), with Catalunya close behind. They’re stilled pissed they have to speak “Spanish” at all. So if you want to win over the locals, learn Catalan, and forget “Spanish” as we know it!

    Oh, and your lights being out…the modern conveniences we are accustomed to in the US…don’t take it personal. The lights are out in the locals flats too, and they’re used to it. It may be the water tomorrow. The big modern city, with all the inconveniences of rural life. I never got used to that!

    Love it or leave it girl, cause it ain’t gonna change…Italy is the beautiful, charming, smooth-talker that is so alluring. But you know how that usually ends…behind the facade there is no substance. If Italy is the intense, passionate love affair, Spain is the long-term relationship. I guess it depends what you are looking for. 🙂

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