Moving on…

So dudes, I have good news. And bad news. Let’s start with the bad news, shall we?

I am leaving Spain already. It will be six months to the day that I have been here when I leave on April 20th. I am sad about this, as I have made some good friends here and finally have some invitations to go riding offroad, a solution for owning a scooter, and I found the most amazing flat. I mean, this was a one in a million place. Spare room for visitors (unheard of). My own bathroom. Storage. Nice furniture, big kitchen with a dishwasher (!!!) Many, many windows. Balcony that wrapped around half the flat. great neighborhood close to everything but far from the kind of mayhem I live near right now. All utilities included.  2 Responsible, nice flatmates. Cleaning service. And sweet jesus in a car seat, a fishtank in the entryway. I like the fish and the animals and what-not.  I nearly put down a deposit, but I am glad I didn’t and I’ll tell you why in a minute.

Even better than the flat, I have some new friends with free storage for a bike. And transportation to the track. Oh, and also? My last company I worked for in California told me I would be put on a new US Navy project, and could work from Spain.  Which meant I could buy a supermoto or bike for the track or…anything.  I know, right? So why the hell am I leaving?

The good news part: In a week I move to the North East of Italy to work in a moto racing company, my dream job, the reason for which I moved to Europe. My going away celebration starts now people. I’ll take my cake with espresso ice cream, and a gin chaser.


11 thoughts on “Moving on…

  1. I want to see it all, believe me. Some far from a city place in Italy is more appealing than a big city to me.

    But I have been hit in the head a lot, so my vote may not really count 🙂

  2. Congratulations, i know that´s the kind of job you were lookin´ for and it will open many more doors in the future.

    Thanks for chosing BCN as your european home… ;D we both know you´re choosing the right way.

    See you soon !!! Bon voyage Britt…

    P.D. Ducati+Alpinestars… good year, good year… XD

  3. Congrats, Britt! I’ve been living vicariously through your blog on your website, and thrilled for you and the life you are making for yourself. You’re not going to be near the earthquake area, are you??

    Much love from California,


  4. I think I may know the woman who worked the job you’re getting (small world!). Glad you found something. If I can get Ducati Italy to hire me we could terrorize Italy together.

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