The girls do SBK Valencia (cont.)

Continued from the previous post….

We watched the races from the stands, and then right before the end of Superbike went into the Suzuki garage so we could run down pit lane for the awards.


Oh god the cameras are on, let me pop my collar and smooth my eyebrows.


Ducati team says, we kick-a your ass-a Suzuki.


Reuben "Crazy Train" Xaus


Corti won the Superstock 1000 race for Alstare and Neukirshner took third in Superbike

We found some Spaniards waving an American flag for Ben. (It is far from the norm to find Europeans waving an American flag!!!!) We joined them during the podium speeches and smack in the middle of Ben’s interview we whooped loudly and rang a cowbell. Because we are mature adults. Hey it may give him some fuel for the next race, because really, all Ben needed to win was more cowbell.


Note cowbell in Susannas hand, and please do not confuse the 2 fingers I'm holding up for Bens second place for a peace sign.


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