Pin the tail on the moto gear factory

Look at this map of my area. Do you notice anything?

(I meant other than the crappy Microsoft Paint cut and past job. It’s late and I am tired. You people make too many demands of me.)


Most of the factories are fairly small. It’s just amazing how many there are in this area. I could visit every single place in one day.  (OK so Aprilia isn’t boots/leathers or helmets. But it’s close.)

Nearby but not on the map is Belstaff and EVO leathers, and also Teknic but I haven’t figured out where Teknic is yet

But wanna know something sad? Most of the people working in these factories have never ridden a motorcycle.

5 thoughts on “Pin the tail on the moto gear factory

  1. My friend, Elena, is from Treviso. She said her family is near the SACRED APRILIA FACTORY, omg. =)

    I have some demands I’d like to make of you. *wink-wink* WHAT?! Just kidding (sort of). WHAT?!



      • Nope, it’s Dal Forno, which she hates ’cause it means something like out of the oven. Haaaaa! Her family were bakers back in the day donchaknow. She’s over here right now trying to sell a house she bought in NY. She was living in Rome, wants me to come for a visit, but I might not leave. 🙂

        Tuono’s are fucking fast! I loooooove Aprilias. 😛

        Ciao for now bella.

  2. Can I paypal you to pick me up a nice belstaff jacket that doesn’t cost half a car, and ship it back to the states? I’ve been told by several european counterparts that they are still making the trialmaster jacket over there. Lucky luckly. In bella-moto-heaven there.

  3. Alex – They cost half a car here too. Motorcycles and gear a quite a bit more expensive in Italy than in the US. But there are a few moto gear outlets around here, I just saw some awesome belstaff jackets (including a VINTAGE mens cadillac powder blue w/red racing striped sleeves – only 500 euro. If it fit me I would have bought it) I can look for a trailmaster. Tell me the price range you want and I will look around.

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