Italy has redeeming qualities.

I like Italy as a place to visit, but let me just say there is a reason why there are more Italians living outside of Italy than in Italy.

A very nice person here at work loaned me his Tuono for a while. He wants to sell it and lives just up the road so I had it for around two weeks. I got to take it out on a proper ride a few days after all my gear FINALLY arrived. I had to pay 50 Euro to have my own personal belongings delivered to me. This is after claiming the contents only were worth 200 USD. Had they calculated the stated value, the taxes (on my OWN, PERSONAL things) would have been over 1000 Euro. That’s not a typo, either. This is Italy.

It finally wasn’t raining one Sunday so I headed out without too much of a route, basically just “up”. My planned couple of hours ride turned into six. I only returned because I had no more money for fuel. Here are some things I wasn’t expecting to see.




I had no idea this existed. Imagine coming around a corner and seeing this.


Snow. Note the road I came through on.


It was cold. There was snow on the ground.


Almost to the border of Austria on the Passo Rolle.

So yes, there is VERY good riding here. When it isn’t raining.

I will be buying a bike this week. I have put it in someone else’s name – a girl at work, her boyfriend owns a business. We will sign it to his business name and I will pay the insurance to him. It is the only way as a US citizen that I can own a vehicle because it would take 18+ months to get a residency card, even though I work here legally and am sponsored by my company.

I am nothing if not resourceful.

3 thoughts on “Italy has redeeming qualities.

  1. Beautiful…. Absolutely beautiful. But the question on everyones mind… What bike? When in Rome do you do as the romans do? Or do you do as the bank-account does? All those machines to choose from… MV, Aprilia, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Benelli, Laverda, Bimota…

  2. Certainly won’t do as the Romans, er, Trevisians do. Northern Italians must have the latest, most expensive anything and everything. It’s all about appearances here, forget that! And trust me, all those machines that are manufactured just down road a spell cost more here than anywhere else on Earth. No, I’ll be going Japanese…

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