Barcelona – Montmelo GP

I flew to BCN from Venice on Friday night at 10pm and arrived at my hotel just after midnight – perfect timing for this city, as friends were just finishing dinners and were ready to roll. I met my friends Luca, Marco and Barbara out in El Born. I had never seen the barrio so busy. But I have only lived there in fall and winter.

These are not my photos but this is the area from two different angles. This plaza was packed with people as bars line the streets. I guess that is typical for summer in Barcelona.

We all stayed out together until the bar closed at 3. The boys went on to a club with a couple of hilarious Norwegian girls  and I walked with Barbara to her night bus stop in Plaça Catalunya, then continued on to my hotel in Eixample where I ateth of the chocolate from my minibar.

Next day I met Barbara and Nico for coffee in Gracia where she lives. Nico gave me his Yamaha Tech 3 team pass for the day since he was not going to go to the track until 8pm for a meeting. This was the first time I had met Nico in person, having been introduced via email by JM’s good friend Ryan when I announced my plans to move to Spain. Nico lives in Pamplona (want to run with the bulls, anyone?) where he works for Inmotec on a super secret motorcycle project. I will likely pay him a visit there soon.

I took a train packed with race fans straight to the town of Montmelo. During the 30 minute ride, I listened to two 12 year old Spanish girls, donned in their favorite Lorenzo girlie Tees  (I believe Ms. Pinky Racer Schick bought the same shirt in Jerez), discuss Jorge Lorenzo’s racing tactics. I also was asked by a jumbo sized dude from Paraguay, who was drinking his maté from a jumbo sized leather matera (but a normal sized bombilla), who, after staring at me for 20 minutes, finally asked if I was South American. He was  surprised when I told him I was from North America. Saturday night I was asked again if I was South American by a friend of a friend. Usually people just assume I am Spanish or Italian, even when I am in the US, but recently I acquired a tan (and it is quite a tan, thankyouverymuch) so now I guess I am South American. As far as I know, I am 100 percent Northern European (my mother and brother are both blond/blue/fair) – and yet I can still dance! What are the odds? But I digress.

Saturday was hot:  87F (31C).  I debarked the train and walked through the town of Montmelo, which is quite nice – it  is still close to Barcelona without Barcelona’s craziness. They had the little downtown prepared for some big crowds and signs pointing the way to walk to the track, which mislead me into think it was close. I began with long strides through the towns shaded main town street, where hundreds of cafe tables were set out in anticipation of the crowds who would fill them that afternoon and evening, past all of the booths with all kinds of race fodder, drinks, food, beer hats. The walk turned out to be around 45 minutes, uphill. I was a sweaty mess when I finally arrived.

I met up with my friend Eduard and we visited absolutely everyone: Bridgestone press box, Ramon Forcada in Lorenzo’s box, HRC garages, Pepe World 250 team, Cafe Latte 250 team (though my friend there was busy), VIP media center, Pramac hospitality (but the friend to meet was not there) Moto GP VIP village. I did not visit my company hospitality suite on Saturday.

Eduard gave me a ride back to Barcelona around 9pm, where, famished, I devoured a the first food I found. Being away from Spain for two months has put me back on an early schedule and I could not wait for a 10pm dinner with Luca that I was invited to. I also have not been walking everywhere like I used to in Barcelona (I barely walk here at all – everyone drives – something I hate about this area) so my feet were ill prepared for the miles of walking I did. So I rested my poor feet and watched recaps of Qualifying and interviews on TV until midnight, when I headed to the beach for a party. I took a cab since my feet couldn’t take any more. (Remind me to bring shoe inserts at the very least next, ok?) I met a group of friends and we bought some wine and found our little party on the beach. It wasn’t a huge It was short lived, as the police came at 1:30am to clear the beach so it could be cleaned and watered! Yeah, I used to go to parties where cops would bust it up for the noise and drinking. Spain they bust em up only so the trash trucks and water trucks could do their job. We really just moved off the sand to the boardwalk and stood around there for a while. But I was exhausted to I went home (in a cab of course) at 2:30, while most of the crowd moved onto someones house party.

Sunday morning I made a decently early start considering my bedtime was 3am, but no matter, I got on the wrong train and was delayed getting to the track by 2 and a half hours. Yeah. The schedule said it made a stop right at Montmelo, but I watched as we passed the station without stopping … and didn’t stop again for another 20 minutes. The return train was pulling away as we arrived at the next stop, with the next one not for an hour. Awesome.

I arrived when the Moto GP race was just starting…

To be continued…

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  1. …… hail schmail. more about Barcelona, please. 🙂 And hey, I’ll be at Laguna from Wed. PM, so lemme know if u wanna meet for dinner. I’m doing the Riders benefit on Thursday.

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