i What?

On my recent visit to the fatherland, I picked up a second hand, unlocked iPhone. I use my ATT sim and Movistar sim interchangeably and have proudly downloaded incredibly useful applications, such as iHandgun and Papertoss.

Load and shoot on your iPhone. Catharsis.

Load and shoot iHandgun on your iPhone. Catharsis.

Papertoss. The challenge comes when the fan starts blowing.

Papertoss. The challenge comes when the fan starts blowing.

Anyway, I am enamored. I don’t know how I got along without this thing. I’m so proud of it, and my handy applications, that today I showed it to some Italian coworkers who looked at it an promptly replied, “an iwhat?” I literally had to explain what an iPhone is to them.

And here I was thinking I was behind the times without one.


3 thoughts on “i What?

  1. To be honest, I don’t know that I’d care too much about a Steve Jobs or his latest creation if I lived in Italy either. I’d just ride my scooter around and say “Ciao” (Like Eddie Izzard says it) instead. iHandgun does sound pretty fricken sweet though.

    • well yesterday I mentioned paypal to someone, and not only did I have to explain what it was, but also how it worked – they had never HEARD of paying through the internet. And had never heard of eBay. And this was a 33 year old.

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