I give you a tour of Bassano del Grappa

My former flat-and-workmate recently moved to the nearby village of Bassano del Grappa. This is where grappa is made, hence the name. (For those of you who don’t know, grappa is made from the stems and seeds of the grape. It’s terrible.)

My friend seems to attract gentlemen of either the elderly and married sort. She remains remarkably naive to the fact that  they are interested in more than friendship, and because of this they are willing to do her favors and endure her friends for a while, until she confusedly wonders whatever happened to their friendship when the man stops communicating with her. So when I went to visit, her most recently gentleman friend– still in the stages of tolerance–loaned us a couple of bicycles which I believe belonged to his wife and one of his children.  They were nice bikes, too.

Then he took us on a little tour. We road through town and alongside the river, which is a defining feature of the town.

 CIMG2385 CIMG2390

An ancient bridge, the Ponte degli Alpini, is an old wooden bridge on the Brenta River connects the two sides of town. Spectacular homes surround the bridge, many are land and factory owners. Though some of them are uninhabited altogether, and have been for sale for years.

CIMG2406 CIMG2408

On the outskirts of town are fields and more rich people houses. Or rather, they used to be rich people and now land ownership isn’t what it used to be. Some still live in parts of the giant old residences with the other parts remaining vacant or being rented out.

This place even had a moat:

CIMG2414 CIMG2418

Along the river is a pretty beach. And some mountains and fields and stuff.

IMG_0060 IMG_0059 CIMG2402

Oh I almost forgot, later that evening I did see a Bimota Vyrus in the town piazza:


We ended the day refusing his offer to make us pasta in his home. I explained to my bewildered friend that that would only open the door to him inviting just her over to his place for their next meeting. She tried to believe me, though wanted to think his motives were innocent and so I wasn’t surprised when I heard a week later that after she refused a private dinner at his place, she never heard from him again.

2 thoughts on “I give you a tour of Bassano del Grappa

  1. Thanks a lot for the pics, it’s appreciated! What a cool bicycle path. Pretty area in general it seems. Crazy Vyrus! 🙂

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