The Road Trip continues

After Ibiza, we rented a car we lovingly named Shitbird. We had to stay in BCN for a day as there were a couple of flats I wanted to view before we left, since I still needed a place to live. Because, you know, returning to BCN with a car full of stuff and nowhere to live didn’t seem like the best idea ever.

So we stayed an extra day with the car in our possession(actually a huge hindrance in Barcelona). I viewed a few places and unfortunately, they blew trees full of squirrels-overpriced, too many people, too dark or too small. So not only did we lose a day of travel, we had to pay for parking the car AND my wallet got stolen while we were in the Parc Citudella.

We named her shitbird for a reason.

And we shall call her Shitbird.

The thievery here in Barcelona is getting REALLY bad. I usually do not have much trouble, but as Laura was with me and clearly was a visitor (tall, blond, speaking English) and these are the people that the thieves target. So I got nabbed, being with tall blonde Guiri chick. The first time this happened to me I was with Susanna – an ever taller, blonder English speaker (though she did live here at the time). I should have known better, but it happened and I lost 80 Euros, 40 dollars and two bank cards. I canceled the cards right away, but it meant going on our trip and paying for everything with a US credit card – in dollars. And the dollar had just dropped again, to 1.45 to the Euro. OUCH.

Nonetheless, off we went to France. We stayed in Nice right near the beach for 3/4 days and had to move hotels every night. Our last one was pretty good…

nicebalcony IMG_0204

We hiked around and made it up to the ancient part of town where the old castle sits. There is a large man made waterfall up there too. That was fun on a windy day. Oh and add slippery flagstone as the walking surface to that mix too.

IMG_0223 IMG_0224 IMG_0222


Last but not least, the food was awful. Way too rich or oily or just plain blah. I expected as much, but I think Laura was pretty disappointed in the food. Though the coffee revved her jets but good.


Next stop, Monte Carlo.


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