Going back to Cali (for 3 weeks)

Before I post awesome Aprilia factory photos, let it be known that I am currently in the US.

You see, I had an interview for a perfect job with an important company I have been longing to work for since before I ever moved to Spain. You might say it is the reason why I moved here. Yes, I had a legitimate interview, in person, after an initial phone interview had me lookin sharp. Ya’ll may know who this company is and it’s the best place I could ever hope to get into. I thought the interview went well, I was feeling fancy. I even started making plans around my new schedule. But Dream Job decided to go with someone else. So, jobless, I bought a ticket for three weeks of nursing my wounded dream in California. Fortunately, the day after I learned my true love rejected me, I had word that I was wanted on a Navy project for my old company in the US. Good timing, as it would be helpful to be at some team meetings and discuss in person the project.

I have been here three days hanging out with my very happy dogs and cleaning my fathers house. I made him buy a vacuum and an industrial carpet shampooer and have been throwing out  mountains of junk and scrubbing the cat pee out of the rugs. When I’m not cleaning, I nursing my rejection with comfort food and reality TV. For today’s self comforting event I went shopping at Trader Joe’s. God how I miss TJ’s. I love absolutely everything in this store and there is not one thing similar I can come close to buying in Spain, except for the tomatoes. The cookie selection alone brings me to my knees.

I have a funny airport story for you all, but you’ll have to wait, because I hear my mini oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and Project Runway calling.


One thought on “Going back to Cali (for 3 weeks)

  1. Hi Britt. Trader Joe’s, that’s my store BABY! Hope you are having some fun lady. Peace out sister. 🙂

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