Ape Factory

So a friend of mine in the US spends a lot of money at the Aprilia factory. In fact, I am pretty sure he keeps them in business. Anyway, he has befriended quite a few people there over the last ten years or so, so when he heard I was moving to Italy, he contacted his people and put us in touch, since I was going to be living 30 minutes or so away.

I meant to take this very tour ages ago, but I never had the time off and the transportation in Italy at the same time. So when I went to pick up my belongings, I made one last stop at the Aprilia Racing factory.


Laura and I got a little tour. It was short but it was worth staying the extra day for it. Though this did mean we had exactly one day to get from the East side of Italy to Barcelona. But I digress.

Oh hello Valentino Rossi.

Oh hello, Valentino Rossi.

Simoncelli's championship winner.

Simoncelli's championship winner.


JM made a visit here and sat on Tetsuya Harada's bike in 2003, when he worked for the brand.

Most important for me to see, Tesuya Harada's bike.
The bike is still on display, but today its friends have joined.


Don’t worry, we asked if we could take photos.


Biaggi's supermoto bike.

Biaggi's supermoto bike, back for some repairs.

The truck just back from the Misano SBK roung.

The transporter just back from the Misano SBK round.

Before you ask me – I don’t know what is going to happen with Moto2 next year since there are no 250GP entries, but I think they are building a team. I think that they think they are building a team. But this is solely speculation on my part, I have zero supporting info in this area, no one told or showed me anything, and I’m not releasing any secrets or any photos that were unapproved for public release with this post. Just clearing that up.

Directly after this, we drove across Europe without stopping. Which I don’t recommend for a fun time.


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