Cadwell Park

So, I was having a little bit of a crisis when I returned to Spain after three weeks in the US. I am not entirely sure why. I mean, I returned to a great place to live in terms of city and living arrangements, with a job I know and that am good at, for a company that appreciates me and let’s me work from anywhere, anytime.

So what’s my problem? For starters, and this may mark me as a crazy animal lady, but I miss my dogs and feel guilty for leaving them. These are two animals that have been through everything with me, one I have had her entire 8 years of life and the was my late husband JM’s dog who became mine shortly after she moved in. And since I am allergic to human children, well  I take care of these hairy little personalities and they bring me lots of joy.

I also spent time with my family and some dear friends, not nearly enough time with either, and leaving them was tough. So while I wouldn’t say I felt homesick (mind you I miss the convenience of everything, but that is another story for another time), I felt a little lonely and kind of like, well, what am I doing here since it can be so difficult to do what I want to do (ie ride motorcycles)

So I pulled myself up by my little bootstraps, chucked myself under the chin, and said, damn it, if I’m here spinning my wheels (ha) then I’m gonna make the most of it.

So I went to ride a racetrack in England.

Actually, I am not a huge fan of England. I lived there two years as a teenager and while I loved it then, I can’t see the point of me being there now.  True to form, it was cold and dark and misty with some thick fog thrown in, with many inappropriately dressed women (short skirts baring thick white thighs in 55 degree weather), over cooked carrots and peas and meat pies. For all its faults, however, people are quite friendly and the area around Lincoln is really beautiful.


We didn’t get on track until 11am, because there was too much fog. It was a little rainy, and my first session I couldn’t see a thing because my shield fogged so bad, but Cadwell Park is a fun track with a famous hill that launches your front wheel if not your entire bike into the air.  I rode an R6 and got around ok by the end. I haven’t seen any riding photos, I ran out of time to look at them but I’ll post some later if I find some.


We did have a drink after riding at a funny little pub with an impressive collection of keychains hanging from the ceiling, that was worth the trip alone.



3 thoughts on “Cadwell Park

  1. For what it’s worth, I completely understand missing the dogs. I’m one that gets really attached to animals. Just went through (well.. a year and a half ago) losing my last dog. He required a lot of maintenance the last two years of his life and I gave up a lot to take care of him, he had been my best friend through some hard times so I didn’t think twice about it. Don’t want to get another one now though, it’s time for me to have some me time.

    Anyways.. all I can say is, follow your heart. I can say that from what I’ve seen, you are getting to experience something many of us only dream of. That is nothing to give up lightly.

    On a lighter note, there are two places around here where you can get good air on a streetbike.. soooo much fun. I’d love to ride Cadwell. Or the Isle of Man.. or a bazillion other places I only know by name.

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