Pros and Cons

Something I have always loved about living in other countries is how it gives you a fresh, outsider view of your own country when you return. There are always good and bad sides to this. For example, I miss the convenience of everything in the US and how cheap everything is, especially electronics. For example, please observe the price tag on this new iPhone:


Right now, because the dollar has absolutely tanked, that equals $1,346.07. You’ll notice the display phone itself is reserved for someone. (Note: these are sold in cell phone stores, no Apple stores here).

But then, living here things are much more relaxed. OK, work doesn’t get done and apartments are generally crap. But then, the enforcement of laws are generally relaxed as well. Don’t get me wrong, this place is no Mexico, it’s a wealthy European city. But dogs run free beside their owners, people take their beer and wine for walks around town, nearly everyone has a pot plant growing on their terrace openly, and there is a guy who rides his bicycle around town every day completely nude. Yesterday, I saw him ride right in front of three police officers who did not even turn their heads. The down side of this is that when you make dinner plans for 9:30pm, you will frequently receive a text message at 10:00pm saying hey, see you at 10:30. If you receive a text at all.


4 thoughts on “Pros and Cons

  1. Hi Britt. That’s unlocked phone – no contract. I got my most recent iPhone form Movistar (Spain) for €100 with an 18 month contract. Also, keep in mind that the notion of convenience should be considered in context. My first two years in Spain felt very inconvenient. After 13 years, I wouldn’t say that any more. Work very much gets done here, but part of being here (or anywhere) for a while is knowing how to get things done. Spaniards have corresponding (if specifically different) things to say about living in the US. 🙂

  2. “Spaniards have corresponding (if specifically different) things to say about living in the US.” Of course! And so do I!
    But when I say work doesn’t get done, I’m comparing things like services-for example, last year my washing machine broke. It took one month and 3 visits, one of which nobody actually showed, to replace a 50 euro plastic part. Oh, and the total was over 400 euros. Fortunately my landlord paid.

  3. Reminds me of when I lived in PR.. sometimes, it was almost maddeningly relaxed. Now, I can appreciate it… then.. it was just annoying. I won’t go into the details of the cop/bad guy shootout I was involved in.. lol.

    A naked dude riding a bicycle around town? Really? wow. I wonder if the cops would be as relaxed if it was a naked woman?

    Honestly, it sounds like my kind of place. If people want to ride bikes naked.. woot!! more power to them. Around here, there are so few cops.. and.. I know there are a lot of pot plants.. kinda like WA or OR states in the US..

    You were planning a dinner party.. did it turn out?

    Take care..

    • Dinner party was great! ~20-25 people showed up and 15 were invited and of those 15 I think 5 didn’t show. SO it was different than planned but good fun. People still arriving at midnight but I moved the party to a bar down the street, the place had dancing and everyone stayed until closing (3am) then moved onto a club. But me being an old lady, I went home to sleep.

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