California Recap

Here is the synopsis of my 3 1/4 week visit to California.

  • Long Beach moto show, where I purchases incredibly cheap offroad boots and goggles and saw a lot of old friends.
  • A weekend in Vegas with the girls, where I found the BEST slot machine ever. Behold, the Kitty Glitter.

  • My father, who understands my aversion to Xmas, made me a tumbleweed Xmas tree. I completed the display with booze.

  • Great two days in the desert, camped in a borrowed Pirate Monkey Cult tent, imbibed in some Chelada and gave myself some nice bruises.

  • Xmas at my mom’s house with my brother, where we presented my mother with a new Xmas ornament to keep in the family for generations to come – An Incredible Hulk snorkle:

And worked in my company’s office. A lot. Like 10 hours a day a lot. But I’ll take it, since this job allows me to work anywhere in the world.

Now I am back in Barcelona, preparing for 2010. I have plans that involve motorcycles – of course!

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