Short visit to Italy

The irony. I left Italy last August. But beginning this year, I will be spending a lot more time there. however unlike last year, time spent there will be at the track or at workshops or otherwise revolving directly around racing in Italy. I’ll be riding and racing too.

So last week I took my first trip out to Chivasso to check out some workshops, meet some people, and maybe test some bikes.

First stop, workshop of a guy who has been working in or with or for the world championship for 20 years. He now is building electronics for the Moto2 class but has many, many other projects going on, of course.

Hey look, a KTM 125GP bike.

Hand built prototype pipe.

Not your usual pipe collection

I displayed my mechanical prowess on a crank.

Sign says: read all the signs.

Sign says: Chudere sempre, teste di cazzo.

I got to check out another workshop too, this one I am a bit closer to I guess you could say. There were around 20 bikes stored under plastic and blankets. Some of them were very special. And no I won’t be riding any of these.
Of course, the usual stray parts every workshop has were stuck in every nook and cranny, as well as the usual neglect that comes along with living with motorcycles of every caliber every day for decades:
Hand painted gas tanks became doorstops, rare racers became tables for construction materials, and bodywork from bikes that won Italian championships caught fallout from sparrows nests.
Unfortunately, I did no bike testing, because it snowed.  So after a quick tour of the larger city of Torino at night, and I returned to Spain.
I am full of enthusiasm for the riding and racing I will do this year. And blind fear I will be too fat, slow and tired to race.
To help cool the boiling cauldron of terror, I intend to visit the gym every single DAY.  (OK, in truth, I’ll visit every day  just to use the showers, since my shower sucks. There’s nothing like the prospect of a trickle of freezing water to motivate one to head to the gym.)
Hey, and while I’m there, I may even work out.

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