More motard

Dudes, I have such a long way to go if I’m going to race. I seem to be learning to ride a motorcycle again. But let me start from the beginning.

I got the Honda that I am purportedly supposed to race all season. My BF (yes – by BF I do mean boyfriend) conveniently has a dyno room in his workshop. So he dyno’ed it for the owner and did other electronical testing and voodoo to it (I actually do know about mechanics and can change the top end of a two stroke cylinder and basic things like that but I won’t go into uninteresting things like that, especially now that I already have…but I digress.)

So anyway, we had the bike.

And did some stuff to it.

And then I rode it.

And then I crashed it. (By the way those are an old pair of Randy De Puniet’s Gaerne boots on my feet. They fit me perfectly and are now in my possession.)

And then I got back on the Yamaha which is slower, has no slipper clutch, doesn’t slide nearly as easily, but the geometry is better and so I am faster on it. Hey, I never was a dirt bike rider and I don’t know how to muscle a bike. Maybe I will need to learn to do this soon?

Oh yeah, then the next day I crashed the Yamaha.

Did I mention how I am doing with the MX part of supermoto? No I didn’t and that’s because there has been none. It has been too muddy on the MX part of the tracks to practice and by practice, I mean learn, since I’ve never taken a supermoto in the dirt before. I think this team made a wise choice with me, don’t you???

So, on to more bike stuff. The Italians take pocket bike racing very seriously. Here is a local mini bike track we stopped by on a weekday. Note the work stands, astro turf pit surface (their own) and sponsor stickers.

Some dude was modifying his old scooter he brought in the trunk of his car by sawing off the back fender. You know, less weight = more HP.  I think some new tires would help too.

And that’s all the moto news I have for now.


6 thoughts on “More motard

  1. that was fortunately a washout. My glove actually got stuck on the throttle (first time thats ever happend to me) and kept it open, then I grabbed the front brake to stop. Ooops. notice the rear tire off the ground in the photo.

    Great video!!!I’ve seen it before, I love it!

  2. Awesome Britt! One of the plus-sides to supermoto… crashes don’t usually cost as much as road race bikes. Getting used to riding it fast on the asphalt is a challenge. What really threw me for a loop was figuring out how to handle the asphalt after five laps, and one corner is covered in dirt.

    Happy for you.

  3. Impressive rear wheel lift, Britt. Looks like the front wheel is tucking in. The racing looks like a lot of fun. You’ve got to love a track where a hacksaw is the favored pit tool. Where’s my big hammer…

  4. YEP, the front is definitely tucking. And the next would be photo in the sequence is the bike landing on my knee. Notice I am looking STRAIGHT DOWN. It’s true, you go where you look!

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