Circuito de Montjuic

Here in Barcelona is a former street circuit around a mountain that butts up against the sea, called Montjuic. The Montjuic circuit held sprint motorcycle races starting in 1933 and then 24 hour moto races from 1955 to 1986. There were a few F1 races too: in 1969, 71, 73 and 75, and although it is considered one of the best Formula One circuits of all time, further F1 races were cancelled after a spectacular crash in 1975 killed 5 spectators and injured many more. (You can easily find footage of the wreck on youtube if you are curious.)

I’ve known about the motorcycle races on the mountain for years, in fact I know more than one person who participated in them in the 70s and have a coffee table book about them, but a few months ago while mountain biking, I came across this 3D plaque I never knew existed:

Next to the plaque is a list of every winner of every race:

And the Formula 1 winners:

Here is the circuit superimposed on a satellite image. It’s a fast, counter clockwise, 2.35 mile circuit that circumnavigates the small mountain, with elevation changes though none of them are extreme:

I have been on most of the circuit, as it is just comprised of city streets, but never in a complete loop. I think I am going to take my scooter and make some laps and pretend I am in a 24 hour race. Since there was, and still isn’t, any nighttime lighting on the mountain, for the night time segment in my imaginary race, I’ll just close my eyes.



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