Four years and a day…

Whenever the end of April rolls around, I start feeling uneasy and wonder why. Then May hits and I remember and I dread the passing of May 10.

I am a day late here in recognizing that four years ago yesterday we lost John-Mark. I wanted to write yesterday, but I got as far as posting a photo and a note on Facebook before being taken down by a virus that made it hurt to even lay down. He got a lot of love on that FB post, so I don’t feel quite so bad for not getting this up in time. Thank you everyone for recognizing him on FB.

It’s hard to think that another year has passed, technology has developed,and things have happened in the world that JM would have loved to have witnessed. The US killing Osama Bin Laden springs to mind-man that would have made him happy. Or the creation of the iPad, or BMW entering World Superbike with his friend heading the team, or a million other things to do with his friends.

I was going to write some self indulgent things here but I’ll leave them. This here is for you John-Mark. Miss you and your humor, your talent, your towering height, your ultra-stubbornness, your fierce loyalty, your love for animals, your naivety that you hid so well because you were so smart, your curiosity, your love of knowledge, your power of debate, your charm and how comfortable you made the people around you feel.



2 thoughts on “Four years and a day…

  1. Rest in Peace John-Mark. I never met him in person. The first I knew of him was when Zina posted some pics of the Mexico dirt bike trip. I’ll be a bit self indulgent here.. it was a little over 4 years since Kirby.. my pet corgy died. Maybe he’ll get along with John-Mark.. wherever they end up. Kirby was picky about his friends.. but maybe if John-Mark was a big softy about animals like me.. Kirby will get along with him.

    I avoid facebook like the plague any more.. can’t explain why. Maybe it’s because I’m avoiding my past.

    Anyways.. Kirby liked sitting on my bikes.. I’d lift him up and put him on the seat, and he’d like to lay there while I worked on them. Maybe now he and John-Mark can ride the big racetrack in the sky. Kirby was pretty fast.. so tell John-Mark to look out. 😉

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