Questions about Spain?

This used to be a Q and A area, where I answered the questions I received (usually about one a week) regarding working in Barcelona, cost of living, where to live, etc.

I made a new website where I cover all of those topics, and answer questions to boot! Please visit SpainExpatBlog if you want information about moving to Barcelona in particular and Spain in general.

8 thoughts on “Questions about Spain?

  1. YES!!! Now perhaps you’ll have some time to gossip with your amigas. 😉 I can’t believe random strangers can’t even send a “Thank You!” after you take the time to answer their questions. This was far beyond what anyone else has, except the forums like

    I’m goin’ for #9, personally. Ballin’….

  2. Thanks for the great information! I am a California as well and my boyfriend and I are thinking about moving to Barcelona. It’s been hard to find recent info on Americans moving to Spain, so thank you! I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog.I may ask questions too but I promise to say thank you!

    P.S I’m allergic to children as well.

  3. Hi Laquel, there are not very many Americans who stay here longer than four to six months. I’m more than happy to befriend fellow Americans moving here to live. look me up when you arrive – I always need more friends because many of mine leave, and honestly not because of me.

  4. Hey Britt, I have a question. I would say I have a question “for you”. Which is how most people ask me questions. But they make it sound like they’re doing me a favor.. as if they’re giving me something. “I have a question FOR you”.. “I have something FOR you.” gee thanks people. But, I digress. What is the attitude of law enforcement towards moto enthusiasts having a good time violating the recommended posted speed limit in out of the way areas vs in town etc. And, do they tolerate mild stunt riding.. wheelies, minor burnouts etc? Also, one more question, I’m assuming nude motorcycle riding is acceptable as you’ve previously written that the cops seem to tolerate nude bicycle riders and pedestrians. Would you think my assumption is correct? Thanks! And thanks for giving us all a view into another culture we can relate to!

    Oh wait, do they have fresh made cheladas there? With bacon?

    • I put your question in the Q and A section above! Except for the chelada part, to which the answer is no! Those are a Mexican thing and Catalans do NOT tolerate spicy things. Cheladas would kill them.

      They do have something here that is just a strange, however not delicious like our beloved cheladas: It’s called “Tinto de verano” and it is red wine and cola. I have never tried it as the mere thought of it makes me want to puke.

      • Red wine and cola.. “spews”. Darn, my dreams of retiring, moving to Spain and selling cheladas from my street vendor cart have been crushed. And I refuse to sell people Tinto de verano.. no matter how much they claim to like it. That’s just wrong.

  5. Do you ever feel trapped, without the use of a motorized vehicle? I know there is mass public transportation all across Europe, but it doesn’t seem like you can ever have any personal space, or time?

    What a wild difference from our relatively introverted society.

    • I have a 250cc four stroke scooter, plus my boyfriend has a van that houses a couple 125cc track bikes for the time being that we have been using at the track – and there are LOTS of race tracks around here! Also lots of mountains, so if I’m feeling like I need some space, I usually jump on my mountain bike and head to the mountains.

      You do not need to go far to get out of the concentration of the city, it is densely populated here but in a small area. People generally do not live in houses and sprawling track home neighborhoods don’t exist-even in the pueblos in the middle of nowhere, people live side by side and everything is in walking distance, with the exception of farms. In Barcelona and the cities around it, 45 minutes by bicycle and the areas are significantly less crowded. If I want to really get away from people, I’ll take the bike on the train. 30 minutes out and you are in the mountains with no one around you.

      The issue of time, on the other hand, is what everybody here has, unlike us Americans…I think I will make a new blog post about that topic though!

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