Pin the tail on the moto gear factory

Look at this map of my area. Do you notice anything?

(I meant other than the crappy Microsoft Paint cut and past job. It’s late and I am tired. You people make too many demands of me.)


Most of the factories are fairly small. It’s just amazing how many there are in this area. I could visit every single place in one day.  (OK so Aprilia isn’t boots/leathers or helmets. But it’s close.)

Nearby but not on the map is Belstaff and EVO leathers, and also Teknic but I haven’t figured out where Teknic is yet

But wanna know something sad? Most of the people working in these factories have never ridden a motorcycle.

Nearby Locals

If I, or one of the other people living in the employee flat, get the loan of a car for the weekend or if I can borrow a bike, then excursions can be made.

Treviso is about a half hour away. (Of course if I am driving or riding by myself, it could take hours since I get lost every time I try to navigate at anything more than a medium walk.) It’s an old town surrounded by an ancient wall with some canals running through the outer parts of the town. The bars in the early evening get really lively with people spilling out into the cobblestone streets to stand with their drinks, or sitting outside or along a canal wall. People everywhere visiting. While a spritz (a local bright orange drink with juice and some kind of booze – too syrupy for me) is a popular drink to take after work, this isn’t much of a drinking culture. People sip wine or a spritz and nibble potato chips (which are put in a basket or bowl everywhere with any drink ordered) and visit.


Treviso has canals. And mosquitoes.

An original bridge anchor on display.

An original bridge anchor on display.


Some houses on the canals extend their square footage with metal platforms chained to the wall.


I wouldn't trust that this thing would hold. At least it's a short fall.

Bassano is a little closer, at about 20 minutes away, and a little smaller with a wide river running through it. There is an amazing old wooden and cobblestone bridge over the river.


On the bridge with my flatmate Kali.


Some furniture cleaner with your sour bears?

These are the two closest towns near me. There are factories (for manufacturing clothing, shoes, sportswear and funrniture) all over the farmlands around here. Venice is about one hour from where I live.

If I have transportation, this is what my weekend looks like:


If there is racing happening, the entire event is televised live until it is over. Sometimes I get four solid hours of racing and commentary, even more if two events happen simultaneously.

Oh yeah and Happy Cup usually joins me.P1000330

One Year.

On May 10th, I made it a point to have a motorcycle to ride, no matter what.


It had two wheels - enough for me

This is the bike I borrowed for two days.  I went riding through the mountains (which are the Dolomites), and then to see a regional supermoto race.

This was the novice class. You can tell by the age of the leather suits.

This was the novice class. You can tell by the age of the leather suits (OK the Husky suit is cool but check that light blue number in the background).

It was cool to see some local racing.  The supermoto out here has minimal dirt sections – minimal enough for me to consider racing this series. In fact I think this temporary track had a total of three low jumps.

This was the "elite" class, where the racers were fast enough to get away with wearing pink suits.

This was the "elite" class, where the racers were fast enough to get away with wearing pink suits.

I rode back into the town of Treviso that evening and had a drink – and while I was there it dawned on me that I have realized JMs dream for him: to live in Italy and work in the moto industry.

It was a rough day for me. But I think JM would have approved.

There are some things I would like to write regarding John-Mark, that I wanted to say a year ago, but I don’t think I can do it quite yet. I will get there.